Olimpia z Gdanska

Olympia of Gdańsk

Zygmunt Krauze - Composer
Krystyna and Blaise de Obaldia - Libretto
Jerzy Lach - Stage Director
Hanna Szymczak - Scenography
Marlena Skoneczko - Costumes
Maja Metelska - Music Director & Conductor

The writer Stanisława Przybyszewska, historical figure, is working on her new work -
a novel about Maximillien Robespierre and Olympe de Gouges, author of the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen, 1791. "Olympia of Gdańsk is a play about possession. It may lead to a desire of rising above mediocrity motivated by revenge. Possession can be like an addiction to totalitarian power or to fame for any price, to drugs, to forbidden desires, to escape in madness. The road to liberation is finding one’s own truth even for the price of life". - Krystyna de Obaldia

Opera World Premiere: 20 November 2015, Baltic Opera in Gdańsk
Performances: 20 Nov, 21 Nov, 22 Nov 2015

Robespierre - Jan Jakub Monowid
Stanisława - Anna Mikołajczyk
Olimpia - Monika Ledzion
Stanisław - Stanisław Kierner
Saint Just - Przemysław Baiński
Prince Philippe - Mateusz Teliński
Marquess - Dariusz Górski
Simone, Abel, Officer, Amedine, Zelina - Marzena Ostryńska, Marcin Miloch, Witalij Wydra, Joanna Wesołowska, Magdalena Nanowska
Choir and Orchestra of the Baltic Opera
Maja Metelska - Conductor


More information: www.operabaltycka.pl

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